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Top 4 Supplements Most People Need and Why

 In the process of developing the Algorithm of Six Health Program, I have found that there are 4 particular areas of nutrition where most people do not get enough in their diets, resulting in mild deficiencies which, if added up, can increase the risk of various chronic diseases. The four areas of nutritional deficiency are in the following:

1. Micronutrients 

2. Omega-3 fatty acids 

3. Probiotics 

4. Fiber

While improving diet will help over time, it is worthwhile to consider certain supplements that can help correct these deficiencies faster and more effectively and may be worth continuing long-term. In fact, there are several supplements that I personally take that I have found have (1) improved my immunity so I get fewer colds from my kids, (2) decreased my allergies that I have had since childhood, (3) helped keep my gastrointestinal tract more regular, and most importantly, (4) helped me lose over 20 pounds in 6 months and get back to my original weight before I got married. Chances are they will improve your health, too. The ones that I take daily at this time are the following:

1. High grade multivitamin – DFH Complete Multi w/ copper for men or menopausal women or DFH Complete Multi w/ copper/iron for non-menopausal women or those at risk for iron deficiency or DFH Complete Multi (no copper/iron) for those with liver disease (3 pills twice a day – start at 1 pill twice a day and increase over a few days). If taking coumadin, use DFH Twice Daily Multi (no vit K that can interfere with coumadin). Multivitamin supplementation corrects any subtle vitamin deficiencies that are not routinely tested in conventional laboratories and may improve energy, immunity, and metabolism.

2. High grade omega-3 fish oil – Designs for Health OmegAvail TG 1000 (2 gelcaps daily, up to 4 daily). If taking blood thinners, take only 1 gelcap/day max or may need to avoid due to mild blood thinning effect. Stop fish oil 1 week before any surgery. Omega-3 supplementation decreases triglyceride levels, improves allergies, and may decrease inflammation, reduce heart disease risk, improve brain/mental function, and increase metabolic rate.

3. High grade probiotic – Designs for Health ProbioMed 100 (take 1 capsule daily with or before meal). No refrigeration needed.  If immunosuppressed or immunocompromised, do not take probiotics. Probiotics improve gastrointestinal health and may improve metabolism and decrease inflammation.

4. High grade multi-fiber supplement – Designs for Health PaleoFiber (unsweetened) 1 tablespoon with 12-16 ounces of water 2-3x a day taken 15-20 minutes before meals (but start at 1 teaspoon and increase over few days). Don’t take prescribed meds at same time as fiber; take meds 1 hour before or 2 hours after fiber). If you get constipation when starting fiber, take a laxative (e.g. magnesium citrate) once to clean your colon, and then you can take fiber without problems. Fiber supplementation improves gastrointestinal health (including decreased colon cancer risk), lowers cholesterol levels, decreases blood sugar spikes, and may help lower weight.

If you have advanced kidney, liver, or heart disease, have a weakened immune system, take blood thinners, or are on many medications, talk to your doctor or Dr. Rajan before taking any supplements. 

These supplements and more from Designs For Health are available for purchase through Dr. Rajan’s clinic for your convenience either in-office or via drop-shipping.

Excerpt from Dr. Rajan’s Algorithm of Six Health Manual 

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